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     Foreign English Teacher     [2015/12/13 13:18:56]
    Work Place£º Qingdao, Weifang, Jinan, Dalian etc.
    Salary per month£º 5000 to 7500 RMB / Month
    Hiring£º 50+
    Gender£º Male and Female
    Age£º Under 60 years old
    Condition£º Copy of TEFL or TESOL certificate, Copy of Degree (If you have one, not a necessary requirement though), Copy of your resume (C.V Curriculum Vitae), Copy of your passport (I.D Page), Recent photo.
    Job description£º

    TEFL369 have placements at, Private and Public schools, teaching from Kindergarten and Primary School to High School, Universities and English Language Training Schools. 

    Teaching hours are approx 25 per week with up to 15 hours office time. Working days and hours, private and public schools are generally Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm, with training schools you may be required to work evenings and weekends and have 2 days off in the week.

     Yuncheng School    [2015/12/13 13:12:23]
    Work Place£º Primary School, Middle School and High School
    Salary per month£º 5000 RMB
    Hiring£º 5 English teachers
    Gender£º Male and Female
    Age£º Under 60 years old
    Condition£º Lessons:25 per week, office hours depend on lessons' time table. Salary per month: 5000 RMB Contract period: One year. Starting date of the Job: 1st March 2016 Requirement: English native speaking Welfare: We provide free accommodation, flight stipend, Preference: Degree not necessary Please apply to Tina Lewington General Manager TEFL369 Email:
    Job description£º