2015/1/12 23:38:36      
Fan Lin Middle School Gao Qing County, is set in approx 3.5 acres of land has 800 students and is Government Funded. Fan Lin Middle School is primarily for underprivileged children, from poor families. There is very little in the way of recreational facilities at the school, dining facilities at the school are very basic, with only 2 choices of food per day.

Teaching 3rd April 2013, Fan Lin Middle School, is definitely an experience, none of the students had ever seen a foreigner before and were mesmorised when I walked into the classroom, I was then introduced to them as a Foreign English Teacher, their little faces then broke into a smile and they all welcomed me to their school, after the initial shock of seeing a foreigner in their classroom, they were all very shy to start with but after the first 15 minutes they all started to take part in the lesson

Teaching 7th April 2013, Fan Lin Middle School, my second day of teaching at Fan Lin was completely different to my first, from the very first minute the students were eager to take part and learn from me. When ever I see any of the students after the first inital shock they always greeted me and were always very polite. Teaching at Fan Lin was definitely a pleasant experience.