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Physical Exam

It is a prerequisite that anyone who wishes to teach in China has a full medical examination, which involves a chest x-ray, ECG, blood tests, Hepatitis and Syphilis test, and an HIV/AIDS test. Any medical done in your own country would probably have to have been within the last 3 to 6 months,. It would have to be signed and date stamped. Make sure you bring the original copy with you to China.

If the medical is not done in the home country, it must be performed in China after you have arrived, you will be responsible for paying the fees.

You can download the Official Chinese Health Form and print it before visiting an official physician¡®s, clinic. The result form must have the doctor's official stamp.

Personal Medication

You should try bring with you to China any prescription drugs you need, if at all possible for your entire stay. Western medications are not readily available beyond commonly used drugs, and those are only available through major hospitals in major cities. Yet, don't be surprised to find that some drugs available only on prescription in the West, are readily available over the counter here in China.


Alcohol is readily available in China, much at a cheap price. Beer is a common beverage and most regions have their own specialty brew.

Also available is "bai jiu," a particularly potent drink made from rice or sorghum.
This is often served at banquets and meals.  Please be careful and watch how much you drink, since the alcohol content is usually much higher than western liquors.

If you drink too much, you could be arrested for being drunk and disorderly. This would mean prison or a fine.