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Laws Governing Foreigners

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Laws Governing Foreigners in China

Teachers who apply for a teaching job with us should pay special attention to Chinese laws and regulations. If you break Chinese law, you will be subject to Chinese punishment, prison, and/or deportation, depending on the infraction. In most cases, your Embassies are powerless to help you in trouble other than notifying your family and to act as your consultant.

Breaking Chinese regulations can be as small as not producing your Residency Permit in a given time frame (a fine is involved) to being involved in a traffic accident, where the blame is put on you, the foreigner. Any infraction in your own country is almost certainly an infraction inChina.

Foreign teachers should NOT participate in any political gatherings and should be aware that underground churches are monitored. Participation can be perceived as breaking the law and arrest can follow. The spreading of religion is also not allowed, in or out of the classroom.

Dress Code and behaviour for a Western Teacher in a Chinese school

Foreign Teachers should be smart and professional at all times. Casual trousers and T- shirts are acceptable, slippers, flip-flops and shorts are not allowed in school.

Do not chew gum, eat snacks, smoke, or drink alcohol while on school premises

If you are issued with an identity card please wear it while on school premises. Please return them at the end of the teaching semester, along with any textbooks and other items.

Please be punctual. You will be fined if you are late without good reason.

Do not physically punish the students under any circumstances, any discipline MUST be left to your classroom assistant.