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There are a couple of days off at the end of this month for the Dragon Boat Festival. Sadly there aren't any boats to be seen here, you need to go further south down to Shanghai.

We're coming up to the end of the spring semester so it will be goodbye to some, and see you after your holidays to others. Whichever category you fit into, thanks for all your hard work this semester and bon voyage. China makes a big impact on your life, no matter what your stories, it's been a way of life for 5 months, even a year for some; leaving will be very strange.

Here's a very pleasant way to spend a sunny summer's afternoon in Beer Street. You may visit this and sample some of its delights, though pre-arranged visits are necessary in the peak season.

Not far from here you could check out Tian Mu City also known as Atrium City It's a cool indoor city with replicas of various famous and historic locations around the globe, Tian Mu City is located near Qingdao Beer Street.  Not forgetting, whilst in the area, Culture Street, for vases and antiques and the night market in Taidong.

A couple of hours away by coach you could visit the 'Kite Museum' in Weifang. It is one of the most famous in China.  There is also an exhibition of Beijing Opera masks and a demonstration of old Chinese printing techniques. Another one of our schools is based here.