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Voluntary Teaching Program

When you apply for our Voluntary Teaching Program, we ask your preference in grade level.  We can place you at kindergarten through adult levels and want to be sure you are happy with your assignment.  We will also find you living accomodations in an appartment, hostle, or with a host family with walking distance or a short commute to your school.   

Due to cultural factors and the work variances between Western working expectations and Chinese working expectations we ask you to be flexible in your working hours.

Class sizes are very large compared to Western schools there can be up to 50 students in each class. You will need to be very patient flexible and able to attract your students interest with games, fun activities whilst still building their English ability.

While there is no one teaching methodology that is best for all Chinese students we ask you to find one that is very comfortable for you but at the same time allows you to construct better and better lessons. Don¡¯t be afraid to ask for advice, ask  your assistant, you can even ask your students what they enjoyed most about your lesson, it is a great way to learn and improve on your teaching abilities.

Below are compulsory requirements of a Voluntary Teaching Placement

1)  Be prepared to prepare your own lesson plans / prepare lesson plans with your Assistant 

2)  Turn up to class early or on time.

3)  Marking assignments for your students.

4)  Be a mentor or role model for your students

5)  Be prepared to take part in weekly staff meetings

6)  Preparing exam papers  

Numbers 1, 3, and 6 above may not be necessary in your allocated school.

Once you have finished your classes for the day the rest of the time is yours, feel free to enjoy the local area, landmarks and restaurants.