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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1)   Who provides my accommodation? 

A.1)   TEFL369 will be responsible for finding you your accommodation, close to 
       where you will be working. 
       Some schools may offer free accommodation on site, as well.

Q.2)   Who is responsible for paying the rent and utilities for the apartment?

A.2)   TEFL369 will pay the rent for your apartment the tenant will be responsible for paying
       the utilities (Gas, Electric and Water) 

Q.3)   Will the apartment be fully furnished?

A.3)   Yes your apartment will be fully furnished.
       (Western style toilet,  Shower,  Washing machine,  Fridge /Freezer  sofa  etc)

Q.4)   When will my salary be paid?
A.4)   Your salary will be paid on the last working day of each month without fail.

Q.5)   In what currency will my salary be paid? How will my salary be paid? 

A.5)   Your salary will be paid in the Chinese Currency RMB, (Reminbi), you will 
       be shown how to open a Chinese Bank Account and your salary will then be paid
       directly into your bank account.
Q.6)   Is their a Chinese Assistant in the class room to help?

A.6)   Most public schools do supply a Chinese Teaching Assistant, but not all Private
       Schools supply an Assistant. It depends on the arrangement at the school.

Q.7)   Will I have internet Access? How much does it cost?

A.7)   We will be able to help you get connected to the internet if their is no connection
       at your apartment already. It will cost approx, 170 RMB connection fee and 900 RMB 
       year for contract, or 270 RMB Connection fee and 75RMB a month if you 
       pay monthly. These are average figures it really depends on what company supplies
       the internet.