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Company Profile

TEFL369 is a registered company in China and is licensed to undertake foreign business affairs, with special focus on international information exchange and providing consultant services in the fields of economy, science, culture, art, education and charity activities. Since its foundation,TEFL369 has successfully placed many western teachers and volunteers into elementary, secondary, post-secondary schools and educational institutions in China. Our programs also include panda conservation and summer camps. Participants thoroughly enjoyed their hands-on experiences and will be only too happy to tell you all about them.

TEFL369 was founded in 2005 in Qingdao a metropolis located on the east coast of China. Qingdao has an abundance of natural beauty including our Olympic sailing center. It is also a seaside city on the southern coast of the Shandong Peninsula, bordering the Yellow Sea and Jiaozhou Bay. With luxurious green trees and red-roofed Bavarian architecture nestled  under an azure sky, on the shores of the orient's favorite sea, Qingdao is truly a world-class city.

THE QUALITIES OF NUMEROLOGICAL 369, based on traditional Chinese belief, mean that people who like this combination of numbers are wise, humane, communicative, courageous, helpful, sensible, sentimental and even unselfish. We do wish to have people coming to teach with us with such qualities and you can see that TEFL369 is working as China's Outreach to the World!